SSI Shredding Systems: Company History

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Image of SSI's First ShredderThe idea of mobile shredders was new in 1980; the world was seeing a rapidly growing market for on-site size reduction. SSI was started to meet this demand as a contract shredding company. Flexibility was key in our early development. Our customers frequently came to us with unique problems, which compelled us to concentrate on engineering new solutions rather than off-the-shelf technology. The old idea that there was one solution for all, just wouldn't work in this market. Our customers needed a choice of options.

Now a quarter century later, our innovation, improvement, and engineering to application have created an evolution of the most versatile shredders in the market today.

We have installed SSI shredders in 51 countries located on all 7 continents providing solutions to the world. Examples: Four of SSI’s M160's, one of the world's most powerful shredders, are operating in the world's largest waste incineration facility located in Singapore. We've developed alternative fuel processing systems for global cement companies and we've installed our shredders to process the organic hazardous waste for the entire country of Norway.

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