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Product Overview: Uni-Shear® Single Shaft Rotary Shredders

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SSI’s Uni-Shear® line of single shaft shredder/grinders reduce the size of a broad range of materials to small, consistent particles—in a single pass.

Uni-Shear ShreddersUni-Shear Image

Uni-Shear by SSIRecommended for wood, paper, hard plastics, and other brittle materials with limited metal contamination, where small, uniform particle size is important. The Uni-Shear® incorporates single-rotor, medium-speed design with reversible cutters and vertical feed with ram assist and can be configured with either electric or hydraulic power options.

Model Overview

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HP Range
Cutting Chamber* (WxL)
Active Rotor Length
33" x 41"
(840mm x 785mm)
66" x 80"
(1675mm x 2030mm)

*Other configurations available; please consult factory. Dimensions are approximate.

Uni-Shear® Single-Rotor Shredder Features

Uni-Shear Features
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