SSI Shredding Systems

Product Overview: Dual-Shear® Two-Shaft Shredders

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Low-speed, high-torque, two-shaft, rotary shear shredders

Dual-Shear Shredders Dual-Shear Shredder

Dual-Shear by SSIRecommended for metals, soft plastics, tires, product destruction, or any diverse and contaminated materials where particle size variation is acceptable.

Configured in a variety of sizes, drive options, and cutter configurations.

Model Overview

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HP Range
Cutting Chamber*
( WxL)
Hopper Opening
23" x 31"
(580mm x 785mm)
42" x 51"
(1055mm x 1290mm)
29" x 40"
(725mm x 1025mm)
55" x 70"
(1400mm x 1700mm)
35" x 52"
(890mm x 1315mm)
59" x 67"
(1500mm x 1710mm)
41" x 63"
(1040mm x 1610mm)
62" x 88"
(1580mm x 2225mm)
45" x 75"
(1145mm x 1905mm)
65" x 87"
(1650mm x 2210mm)
52" x 75"
(1320mm x 1905mm)
69" x 96"
(1755mm x 2440mm)
64" x 101"
(1625mm x 2555mm)
96" x 144"
(2440mm x 3660mm)

*Other configuarations avaliable; please consult factory. Dimensions are approximate.

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