SSI Shredding Systems

Quad® Q85 Four-Shaft Shredder

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Quad® Q85 Four-Shaft Shredder Overview

Q85 Image Horsepower range: 120-150 HP
(90-113 kW)

Cutting Chamber: 54" x 52"
(1,380 mm x 1,315 mm)

Hopper Opening: 81" x 79"
(2,055 mm x 2,010 mm)
see full specs

Suitable Shredding Applications:

Q85 Dimensions
Quad® Q85 Specifications
Dual Electric; Hydraulic drive also available
HP Range
120-150HP (90-113 kW)
460/3/60 standard; other options available
Cutter thickness
2" (50 mm) standard; other thicknesses available
Cutter diameter
18.1" (460 mm)
Shaft diameter
6" (152 mm)
Cutting chamber (WxL)
54" x 52" (1,380 mm x 1,315 mm); other lengths available
Machine length (C)
166" (4,210 mm)
Machine width (D)
86" (2,185 mm)
Infeed height (E)
133" (3,370 mm)-standard stand,
head and hopper
Machine weight
29,500 lbs. (13,400 kg)
Hopper opening (FxG)
81" x 79" (2,055 mm x 2,010 mm)
Hopper height (H)
45" (1,150 mm) standard: other options available
Discharge height (I)
48" (1,220 mm) standard; other options available

Note: Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories.

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