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SSI Shredding Systems hires a wide range of talent and is interested in hiring people with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We have many different job opportunities and a variety of career paths.


Careers with SSI

SSI Shredding Systems hires a wide spectrum of talent and is always interested in speaking to candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We have many different job opportunities and a variety of career paths. We accept applications for any open and posted position. SSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

To apply, select a job position from from the list below, then complete our online application form by clicking on the "Apply For Position" button. You may also mail, email or fax your resume to:

SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.
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9760 SW Freeman Dr.
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Fax: (503) 682-1704

Immediate Openings

Welder/Fabricator - SWING SHIFT

Job Duties

Materials welded include steel, and stainless, and the methods may include gas welding, shielded metal arc, gas-tungsten arc, gas-metal arc or submerged arc. The variety of applications requires an ability to plan, layout and perform diversified work, which may be characterized as short run production or job shop (custom work). Jobs Include high pressure and code welding or other work involving critical safety and load requirements or welding where appearance is critical.

All work finished according to complex specifications, drawings, prints and welding symbols. We are seeking a welder who can demonstrate an advanced level of production welding.


  • Technical training in welding and 5+ years of related experience, or equivalent.
  • Must be able to work under limited supervision with minimal technical guidance.
  • Must be able to position material to be welded and apply hand-eye coordination to achieve the desired weld.
  • Must be able to regulate heat and feed and may be required to select electrodes, tips and rods.

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Welder/Fabricator - DAY SHIFT