Pre-Load/Transfer Station

Compaction Solutions

SSI's pre-load compactors are used to compact, load and transfer from 25 to 125 tons of waste per hour to maximize payloads for long haul transfer.

SSI compaction systems are large self-contained units that compact material within a compression chamber independent of a transport vehicle. This equipment offers the versatility and cost savings demanded by recyclers and solid waste processors worldwide. High density compaction produces clean, efficient transfer to highway trailers as well as intermodal rail and barge containers.

SSI Pre-Load Compactor 2000 PC

2000 PC Pre-Load Compactor

Self-contained units that compact material within the compaction chamber, independent of a transport vehicle. High density solid waste compaction produces clean, efficient transfer to highway trailers and containers.

Product Specs

Power:   56 kW (75 hp)
Compaction Force:   106 tons
Tons Per Hour:   66 (Pre-Crush Mode) / 121 (Compact Mode)
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SSI Pre-Load Compactor 2500 SPH

2500 Series Pre-Load Compactors

Self-contained, pre-load transfer station compaction systems with constant density controls, single stage cylinder, single or multiple bale output, platen jam relief, replaceable wear strips and no return hoses or hose rewind.

Product Specs

Model:   2500   2500 SPH   2500 SC
Cylinder Diameter:   356 mm (14 in)   406 mm (16 in)   356 mm (14 in)
Power:   75 kW (100 hp)   149 kW (200 hp)   75 kW (100 hp)
Production Rate:   35 tons per hour   75 tons per hour   30 tons per hour
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SSI Pre-Load Compactor 4500 Series

4500 Series Pre-Load Compactors

Stationary compactors featuring three, single stage cylinders designed to form one high density square ended bale. The 4500 Series compactors are optimum solutions for high volume facilities needing to transfer municipal solid waste, recyclables, or other commodities into highway and intermodal trailers or containers.

Product Specs

Model:   4500   4500 SPH
Cylinder Diameter:   356 mm and 2 x 254 mm
(14 in and 2 x 10" in)
  406 mm and 2 x 279 mm
(16 in and 2 x 11 in)
Power:   149 kW (200 hp)   186 kW (250 hp)
Tons Per Hour:   100 tph   120 tph
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SSI Mobile Scrap Compactor 1800 MSC

1800 MSC Mobile Scrap Compactor

SSI's 1800 MSC, (aka The Crusher™), mobile scrap compactor is built for rapid loading and compaction of bulky materials, consistently delivering bales at ideal density for auto shredders.

Product Specs

Cylinder Diameter:   356 mm (14 in)
Power:   168 kW (228 hp)
Tons Per Hour:   30 tph
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