PR780 Primary Reducer

SSI’s PRI-MAX® PR780 is a heavy duty, low-speed, high-torque industrial primary shredder designed for high capacity volume reduction of the toughest materials considered by others to be “non-shreddable”.

SSI’s PRI-MAX® PR780 primary reducer is more than a heavy duty shredder. It combines ripping and shearing technologies to shred, tear, pierce, chop, split, flatten, crush, break and reduce materials. The open cutting table and load-sensing drive apply maximum torque to “digest” heavier material with minimal disruption. With processing rates from 10 to 40 tons per hour, SSI’s PRI-MAX® PR780 is one of the most comprehensive multi-material reducers in the world.

PRI-MAX® PR-780 two-shaft primary reducer

Shredder Model:

PRI-MAX®  PR780 — 1,905 mm (75")

Active Cutting Zone Dimensions 1,400 x 1,900 mm (55 x 74 in)
Infeed Opening Dimensions 2,413 x 2,845 mm (95 x 112 in)
Infeed Capacity* 7.3 m3 (9.5 yd3)

Shredder Model:

PRI-MAX®  PR780 — 1,880 mm (74")

Drive Hydraulic
Production Rate 10 - 40 tons per hour
Infeed Opening Dimensions 2,402 x 2,852 mm (94 x 112 in)
Infeed Capacity* 7.3 m3 (9.5 yd3)
Active Cutting Zone Dimensions 1,422 x 1,880 mm (56 x 74 in)
Active Cutting Zone Area 2.7 m2 (29 ft2 )
Hydraulic Drive Type Planetary with gear reducer
Hydraulic System Open loop, load-sensing, with smart torque package
Number of Shafts 2 (independently driven, bi-directional)
Cutters Per Shaft 5 - 9
Number of Hooks Per Cutter 2
Cutter Thickness 76 mm (3 in)
Electric Power Rating 149 kW (200 hp)

* Extended hoppers available for increased infeed capacity. The capacities stated are guidelines and not guaranteed values. Actual capacity may vary depending on your specific material, number of cutters, feed method and other operational variables.

Note: Illustrations, specifications and descriptions presented reflect standard product at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories. SSI offers compactors, balers, granulators, conveyors and classifiers as well as specialized motors, stands, hoppers, and mobile configurations. Consult factory to discuss your processing needs.