SR900 Single Shaft Shredder

The SR900 single rotor shredder/grinder is built to downsize and liberate commingled items in a single pass while producing predictable, consistently sized particles.

The Uni-Shear® SR900 is designed to accept a wide range of pre-shredded materials. This heavy duty single rotor machine can process tires, non-ferrous metals, copper wire, RDF, plastics and much more. Internal screens with hole sizes ranging from 12 to 50mm (½ to 2 in) are available and drive options of 224 or 298 kW (300 or 400 hp) provide sufficient power and torque to process most anything. Low parts cost and easy service access are among the many features of the SR900 grinder.

Uni-Shear® SR900 Single Rotor Shredder

Shredder Model:

Uni-Shear®  SR900

Cutting Chamber (WxL) 1,045 x 2,040 mm (41 x 80 in)
Machine Length (G) 5,588 mm (220 in)
Machine Width (F) 2,005 mm (781516 in)
Machine Height (H) 3,918 mm (154¼ in)

Shredder Model:

Uni-Shear®  SR900

Drive In-line direct-drive 
Power Range 224 - 298 kW (300 - 400 hp)
Voltage 460/3/60 standard; other options available
Number of Cutters 80
Rotor Diameter 875 mm (34½ in)
Rotor Speed (rpm) 107
Screen Sizes 12 to 100 mm (½ - 4 in)
Active Rotor Length 1,981 mm (78 in)
Cutting Chamber (WxL)* 1,045 x 2,040 mm (41 x 80 in)
Machine Length 5,588 mm (220 in)
Machine Width 2,005 mm (781516 in)
Machine Height 3,918 mm (154¼ in)
Machine Weight (less HPU) 17,100 kg (38,000 lbs)

* Dimensions apply to the SR900 with standard 2,040 mm (80 in) cutting chamber length. Secondary optional length available at 2,800 mm (110 in).

Consult factory for other models and to discuss your processing requirements.

Note: Illustrations, specifications and descriptions presented reflect standard product at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories. SSI offers compactors, balers, granulators, conveyors and classifiers as well as specialized motors, stands, hoppers, and mobile configurations.