SSI Shredding Systems - Monthly Focus

May, 1st 2024

Exploring the latest and greatest from the world of SSI Shredding Systems, Inc.

DUAL-SHEAR® M180 Sneak Peak

As always SSI is working on the latest and greatest in industrial shredding solutions. Check out this sneak peak of one of our newest shredding machines processing a pressed truck bale like it was nothing!

Watch more shredding on the M180 product page.

Revolutionizing E-Plastics Processing

Amidst dwindling legal export markets for plastics generated from mixed electronics waste in the USA, CompuCycle has developed a shredding, cleaning and sorting system to produce materials that can be recycled domestically.

Read the rest of the story here.

Meet SSI at WasteExpo

"Whether you are from the private sector, a small, medium, or large public sector waste management company, organics management, or food waste management company, or a manufacturer or supplier from the U.S. or abroad, count on WasteExpo to bring the entire industry together under one roof."

Click here for more information on this year's convention.

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