SSI Designs and Builds Solutions

Since 1980, SSI has been designing proven industrial shredding solutions involved in a wide variety of applications including reduction, recycling, recovery, and energy conversion. Our technology is built upon the principles of low-speed, high-torque, rotary shear shredding.

Our industrial shredders are built to last and designed to be low-maintenance. No matter what material you are working with, we have a targeted solution.

Single shaft, rotary grinders recommended for wood, paper, hard and soft plastics and other brittle materials with limited metal contamination, where small, uniform particle size is important.
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Two-shaft, low-speed, high-torque, shear shredders recommended for metals, soft plastics, tires, product destruction, or any diverse and contaminated materials where particle size variation is acceptable.
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Four-shaft, low-speed, high-torque rotary shredders recommended for e-scrap, tire recycling, alternative fuel production, and contaminated materials where uniform, small to medium particle size is desired.
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Low-speed, high-torque, multi-material, high-capacity solution ideal for construction and demolition debris and for volume reduction of solid wastes containing metal and abrasives.
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SSI Pre-Load Compactors are used to compact, load and transfer from 25 to 125 tons of waste per hour into lightweight transfer trailers to maximize payloads for long haul transfer.
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  • “It is refreshing to enter into a business arrangement with a company as reliable as SSI, both in product and service.”

    Stanley Niemczyk, General Manager
    Statewide Environmental/Republic Industries

  • “...I can only say that the quality of your product is surpassed only by the quality of your entire team.”

    Tony Butterfield, Development Manager
    Browning-Ferris Environmental Services Ltd.