Three-Shaft Shredders

SSI’s Tri-Shear® line of low-speed, high-torque, three-shaft, rotary shear shredder designed to efficiently process a variety of difficult materials to a consistant particle size.

Tri-Shear® shredders from SSI are designed to process a wide range of materials from metals, soft plastics, e-scrap and tires to product destruction or any diverse material.

Tri-Shear® T160 Three Shaft Industrial Shredder

Tri-Shear® T160

Low-speed, high-torque, three-shaft shredder. Recommended for high volume and heavy bales of aluminum, high volume tires including industrial and OTR tires, commingled bulky waste, large items, commercial and heavy electronics and appliances, baled and rolled materials, many types of metal

Product Specifications

Power Range:   560 kW (750 hp)
Cutting Chamber:   2,291 x 2,198 mm (91 x 87 in)
Hopper Opening:   2,305 x 2,680 mm (91 x 106 in)
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