Document Destruction

SSI offers a variety of high-capacity, bulk-feed shredder models which produce small particles for paper document and security destruction.

When security is necessary, SSI has a solution.

Paper Document Destruction Shredding Systems
Paper Document Destruction Materials Paper Document Destruction Particles

Document Destruction Solutions

SSI offers several types of plant based system solutions ranging from low to high processing capacities. Here are some typical system solutions:

Patented Auto Sync Feed Systems

Patented Auto Sync Feed Systems

Coupled with our Dual-Shear® technology, there are three system sizes available with the ability to be bulk loaded via a large surge hopper. The Auto Sync controls the amount of material that the shredder receives, which enables tremendous production rates from smaller shredders. This is an ideal solution for many customers and offers flexibility in that the shredder can also process certain metals found within this application without damage to the equipment.

Single Rotor


SSI Uni-Shear® machines are available in several sizes and have been used to process documents for years. These machines offer users the ability to quickly change out the sizing screens for customers who have varying security requirements. Smaller screens produce smaller particles, and larger screens produce higher tonnage rates.

Four Shaft Shredders


Some customers are not looking for high tonnage but they still need versatility. SSI Quad® shredders are able to process mixed paper (with metals) and reduce it to small output sizing in a small footprint.


SSI has engineered and developed a specialized solution for mobile confidential document shredding. SSI’s low-speed, high-torque shredders can be custom mounted on a truck for contained, on-site document shredding. With over 4 tons of storage capacity, SSI’s mobile shredding systems are an efficient tool for secure document destruction

Multiple Product Lines & Options

  • Hydraulic drive shredder powered by truck motor
  • 5/8” multi-hook cutters for minimal particle size
  • Emergency stop on infeed hopper
  • Hydraulically driven compactor
  • Auto reversal feature
  • Shock load protection
  • Proprietary bearing and seal protection
  • Direct drive configuration
  • ACLS™ Advanced Cutter Locking System
  • Moveable cleaning fingers
  • Hydraulic storage discharge
  • Storage capacity 4.5 tons

Truck Features

  • Hinged tailgate
  • Hydraulic lift gates
  • FRP siding on van portion
  • Metal non-skid floor plate
  • Interior lights
  • Viewing window into storage hopper
  • Diamond screen for tool storage
  • Street legal weight


In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission enacted new legislation designed to decrease the risk of identity theft and consumer fraud,. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) bill requires financial institutions and creditors to properly dispose of sensitive personal data and information gathered on clients and employees. To assist further in the prevention of information leakage, the new rules require the implemention of written policies and procedures for secure document destruction.


Since 1980, SSI Shredding Systems has been a leader in developing secure document and product destruction solutions. Everyday, businesses, organizations and municipalities of all sizes rely on SSI shredders for their most secure destruction needs.

SSI custom engineers systems to each client’s specific security needs. Whether for destruction of products or information, SSI shredders are the most reliable size reduction solutions for secure disposal.

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