Q135 Four-Shaft Shredder

SSI’s Quad® Q135 is a low-speed, high-torque, four-shaft, rotary shear industrial shredder designed to process a variety of materials and produce a small, consistent particle size.

Quad® Q135 shredders are known as multi-purpose shredders because they are designed to work like a two shaft shredder when the internal screen is removed, or as a sizing shredder that's able to shred, liberate and reduce a wide range of commingled materials without overly thick metals, in one pass. Four shafts in the Quad® Q135 shred and recirculate material within the machine until it is sized small enough to pass through a removable screen set immediately below the cutters.

The Quad® Advantage

  • High-torque shearing technology efficiently processes tough materials
  • Simple heavy duty construction
  • Shock protection
  • Bulk feed capability
  • Energy efficient operation
  • Low noise, dust, heat generation and maintenance costs
  • Uniform particle size
  • Minimum footprint and foundation requirements

Design Features

  • Electric, hydraulic and SmartDrive™ drive configurations
  • Removable Screens
  • Patented “Severe Shock Protection” (SSP)
  • Self-Cleaning Design
  • Application-specific feed hoppers and cutter configurations
  • Seal & bearing protection
  • Patented “Advanced Cutter Locking System” (ACLS)