SSI Shredding Systems Unveils New Video Series

March, 9th 2022


A new web series, which gives viewers a fast-paced sneak peek into how industrial shredding installations work, sets its first episode on a leader in Japan’s waste and recovery industry, Kayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Established in 1961, Kayama specializes in waste collection, transportation, disposal, and recycling. With their expert team they research and develop state of the art disposal technologies with the objective of creating a sustainable and healthy environment.

“We very much enjoy working with Kayama. Kayama is a progressive company working to make the world a better place,” says Rich Ellis, Asia Market Sales Manager.

The video features the Toyokawa Plant, one of many SSI shredder installations that Kayama owns and operates. At Toyokawa an SSI Quad® Q100SD steals the show, acting as both a primary and size reducing powerhouse. This robust low-speed, high-torque, four-shaft industrial shredder is designed to process a variety of materials and produce a small, consistent particle size.

For Kayama, their main goal is not only landfill diversion by processing a wide mixture of material such as mixed waste, fish net, and super sacks, but also to create an environmentally friendly fuel material. With SSI as a partner, they can achieve this goal with ease.

“We currently have three SSI shredders in operation. They are capable of processing extremely difficult materials, which makes them very useful. Also, the customer service has been amazing, which has given us peace of mind,” says Junichiro Kayama, President and CEO of Kayama Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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