SmartFeed™ Processes the Toughest of Materials

February, 6th 2020


SSI’s SmartFeed™ is a patented method of controlling dual drive shredders in a way that optimizes processing of the material feeding into the cutters. SmartFeed™ is available on a wide range of Dual-Shear®, Tri-Shear™, and Quad® shredders to efficiently shred previously “impossible to process” materials.


On a normal shredder, shafts turn at their full speed all the time. The shredder must have enough torque to process all the material the cutters grab, or the shredder will overload and reverse. With SSI’s SmartFeed™ system one shaft monitors the performance of another. In this case, the Meter Shaft speed and direction is controlled by the torque the Main Shaft is using to process the material. The Main Shaft always turns at full speed. The Meter Shaft turns only fast enough to keep the Main Shaft operating at its normal full torque.

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