Updates to PRI-MAX Primary Reducer

October, 5th 2020

The SSI PRI-MAX® primary reducer is a highly robust machine built to reduce the volume of bulky materials while achieving processing rates of up to 150 tons per hour. It can be incorporated in a system as a primary shredder or used as a standalone machine. With products ranging from 200 to 600 HP, SSI currently has the most comprehensive range of multi-material reducers in the world. 



“SSI continually monitors customer feedback and uses it as the catalyst for product innovation. PRI-MAX® machines are typically the first step in large processing systems, making them a critical component to customer productivity and success," says Dave Fleming, Director of Sales and Marketing.  
That was why in 2018 SSI began to engineer a new method for maintenance and replacement of wear parts as well as major assemblies. This new technology has revolutionized how operators and technicians service the reducer as well as drastically decrease downtime related to wear parts.  
“Customers wanted longer service intervals and more flexibility in how they could choose to maintain wear parts in their machines," says Fleming.
The patented “cartridge” table allows the entire wear parts package to be replaced without the need to remove the drive group, bearings or hydraulic connections. Regular hardfacing can be accomplished in the machine or offline as the customer chooses.  This design reduces the time required for service and related downtime significantly.
In addition to ease of maintenance the heavy duty, open grate cutting table and strategic cutter placement ensure that abrasives including aggregate, sand, soils and metal fragments will fall directly through the cutting table, reducing wear and operating costs. The extra heavy-duty welded cutting table is available in a variety of configurations to control output size and performance.  
But the cartridge cutting table isn’t the only new piece of patented technology being unleashed on the PRI-MAX® product line.  
“We used to make PRI-MAX® machines with fully welded shafts, making these parts expensive to have as spares. We wanted to make the PRI-MAX® more like the rest of our shredders so customers only have to replace the wear parts. Our newest patent is our “stackable shaft” design which has a proprietary cutter locking system that can withstand the severe environment the PRI-MAX® is commonly employed in," says Fleming.
This new technology allows cutters and spacers to easily slide off the shafts. These parts can now be replaced while re-using the shafts. This also allows the entire machine to be configurable if material or output needs change. The aggressive and bi-directional (two way) cutters grab, pierce, and break materials. They can be hard-faced, or tips can be replaced inside the machine or off-line as needed.  
“These machines have always been popular. We are excited to offer both new and existing customers the ability to have these new features that will reduce the time needed to exchange wear parts, reduce the cost of the parts themselves, and simplify the process of working on the machine in general," says Fleming.
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